About Sharwood's

Sharwood's Asian cuisine takes consumers on a taste adventure with it's delicious Indian, Chinese and Thai dishes. 

With our range of sauces and accompaniments including naan breads and our iconic mango chutney, our Sharwood’s brand has everything consumers need to re-create the restaurant experience at home and serve up some excitement! 

Since its establishment in 1889, our Sharwood's brand has been discovering the very best in Asian cuisine for you to enjoy at home.

Versatility is key to the Sharwood's range appeal, with each recipe carefully developed to ensure a great taste every time.

Traditional Indian...

Explore the culninary delights of India with our classic range of Indian cooking sauces. Serve with Sharwood's range of poppadoms, naan breads and chutney!

Oriental Delight!

Cook up all your favourite Chinese dishes easily at home with our range of delicious sauces. Add our noodles and prawn crackers for the perfect night in meal.​


Can I freeze your sauces?

While all Sharwoods sauces are at their best when used from freshly opened jars or pouches, we also realise the importance to avoid generating food waste, where safe to do so. For inspiration on how to use your leftovers creatively, you can visit Love Food Hate Waste’s website: https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/recipes

Should you have some of your sauce or meal left over, it is really important to adhere to safety guidelines when it comes to cooling and reheating the product, follow the FSA guidelines when/if freezing the product:

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