About Sharwood's

Sharwood's Asian cuisine takes consumers on a taste adventure with it's delicious Indian, Chinese and Thai dishes. 

With our range of sauces and accompaniments including naan breads and our iconic mango chutney, our Sharwood’s brand has everything consumers need to re-create the restaurant experience at home and serve up some excitement! 

Since its establishment in 1889, our Sharwood's brand has been discovering the very best in Asian cuisine for you to enjoy at home.

Our world sauces are packed with the latest exotic flavours from Vietnam, Korea, Bali and Sri Lanka.

Versatility is key to the Sharwood's range appeal, with each recipe carefully developed to ensure a great taste every time.

New Street Food Wrap Kits

Inspired by the vibrant and buzzing Asian street food markets, our easy-to-make wrap kits bring the delicious flavours and aromas of Indian, Japanese & Korean themes together to create an exciting meal the whole family will love.

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Noodles & Sauce

Stir up some excitement! Sharwood's new Noodle & Sauce pots are now available in delicious oriental flavours. They're low fat, free from artificial colours and preservatives, and ready to eat in only 5 minutes!

Traditional Indian...

Explore the culninary delights of India with our classic range of Indian cooking sauces. Serve with Sharwood's range of poppadoms, naan breads and chutney!

Indian Sauces for Two

Exotic Indian cooking sauces now available in convenient pouches for two. The range includes Goan Spicy, Kashmiri Creamy and Keralan Coconut Curry. 

Oriental Delight!

Our Chinese cooking sauces range brings you the best flavours from across the Orient. Serve with Sharwood's Chinese crackers and noodles!

Chinese Sauces for Two

Available as Cantonese Sweet BBQ, Hunan Smoky Chilli and Szechuan Chilli Bean varieties, these Chinese cooking sauces in pouches for two are ideal for an Oriental meal with a difference!

Sides & Accompaniments...

What Indian meal would be complete without crispy poppadoms or rich and delicious naan breads? We also make Chinese egg noodles, prawn crackers and Stir-Fry sauces!


Can you freeze Sharwood's sauces?

We recommend that the sauce is decanted into a suitable container and used within 3 months.  Ensure meal is piping hot and discard of any leftovers.

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